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14 x 5mg

Nebivolol (Nexivol) 5mg

5mg - 14 Tablets - 1 Blister


Abdi Brand

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer here is two-fold. Firstly,
because it is our flagship product, we
purchase it in much higher quantities than
UGL’s, allowing us to establish better
relationships with our supplier.

our business model is
predicated on order volume as opposed to maximizing the
amount of profit per sale.

Not necessarily. Ultimately, the quality
comes down to purity, dimer, and total IU
per vial. Generostim is just a brand we
created to have a stronger brand identity.

Every batch is sent out for lab testing, and we label each kit
with the corresponding batch code. That
way, you know exactly what you’re

USP Grade MCT oil is the carrier oil. The only solvents used are Benzyl Alcohol & Benzyl Benzoate (BA & BB).

None of our HGH lines are inherently better than the other. Each batch comes with a corresponding test report.

Purity and dimer can be a decent proxy for “quality”, you want purity as high as possible and dimer as low as possible.

The main factor to consider in our opinion, is the price per IU. Supreme is usually the best bang for buck option.

Historically, Supreme & Deluxe have shown lower dimer content, although this may not always be the case, so of course reference the corresponding test reports.

For HGH, we typically recommend 1ml for every ~10 IU in the vial. If a batch tests at an average of 290 IU per kit, that is an average of 29 IU per vial, and we’d recommend 2.9ml of bacteriostatic water. This will make the syringe math similar to a traditional 100 iu kit with 1ml of solution

For peptide reconstituion, a useful resource is

 No, you must purchase it seperately .

Not necessarily. If you look through all our lab reports, particularly the ones with multiple test reports in a single batch, you will see that the intra-batch variance can actually be quite high.

When you purchase a batch, you can expect some of the vials in your kit to be as much as 5-15% +/- whatever the corresponding lab test reflects. This is simply the reality of product that is not made to the same standards as pharmaceutical grade growth hormone. To state otherwise would be disingenous.

There can also be a high variance in the dimer content intra-batch. (For Example: Economy B, Deluxe A, etc)

Over time, we’ve increased the volume of samples analyzed for each batch, to provide more transparancy regarding the potential for intra-batch variance.

If you use the average IU figure provided on each product, your dosage should average out over time, so don’t overthink your administration protocol too much. We know it can be a bit overwhelming with all the different numbers provided.

That said, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need specific guidance on dosage or reconstitution.

Yes! We offer store credit for quantitative testing of total IU/Purity (ie Janoshik testing), and for personal IGF-1 test results. Please email for more information. *TERMS APPLY*

Mainly cryptocurrency, however we also accept Cash in Mail, subject to availability.

Cash in Mail is only for orders $500+, with a 5% fee (Fee goes to cash receiver. Email for this option)

Most major cryptocurrencies are accepted, if you’d like to use one you don’t see an option for at checkout, please email us.

Depending on your location, most customers receive their order in 2-4 business days.

We ship with USPS Priority, from the United States only.

99% of orders ship within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays)

If you order through the website, tracking is provided within 24 hours of your shipping label being generated.

If your order was marked as “completed”, typically this means a label has been generated and your order is scheduled to go out that day or the next.

“Processing” status orders have not been shipped, processing means payment has been confirmed successfully.

Don’t hesitate to reach out regarding the status of your order.

Unfortunately we do not provide reships
for incorrect addresses.

In the VERY rare instance that a package is lost in transit, we will reship your order free of charge.

All orders are shipped from the USA to all 50 US states.

Unfortunately we do not ship internationally or to military FPO addresses. The only exception is wholesale orders.

PO boxes are 100% fine.

Yes. If you need more information or have a specific request, please email us.